December 1, 2016

Have you ever heard some one say that yoga is for everyone? I've heard it more times then I can count. I know, I probably hear it more because I'm wrapped up in the world of yoga. But seriously guys, it is for all of us! The practice is ancient, and it has been healing and transforming people's lives for centuries. However, for those who haven't approached this practice before, it can seem religious or questionable. The asanas (physical practice), can be intimidating and difficult - we twist, turn, and bend our bodies in ways that some have never though possible; not to mention, a quarter of the words we say are in a different language (sanskrit). I totally get it - why would you put yourself through all of that ? 

It's the science. Okay, so if we set the chanting, the mantras, the dharma talks and...

November 26, 2016

I spent a lot of time in though on Thanksgiving contemplating the meaning of this day. Where it originated, the many people that came before us and called this continent their home, all of the things I'm grateful for, and naturally, how long it would take to bake two pies and be out the door by 4:00pm. But really, Thanksgiving, it's a beautiful day of gratitude, right?

I mean, just this word alone, gratitude. It brings a whisper of stillness to all of my senses, to my body, like a moment between moments. I had a healer tell me once, that it's the space in between thoughts. I experience it as a space where I can spend a moment in eternity. Where I can bathe in the essence of spirit, of god, of an incredible and infinite connection to all things. Yes! It's gratitude! Gratitude my love, gratitude changes everything....

November 19, 2016

In this blog I hope to inspire you to love this gift called life; to feel healthy, alive, confident, connected, clear, and wild! I want to put it all on the table in hopes that my journey into the heart, into yoga, and into this interconnected Universe of magic and mystery will encourage you to be exactly who you are - to simply begin one step at a time. 

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Britany Paradis  I   Vinyasa Yoga Teacher